3D illuminated lightbox Signage

3D Company Signage

Enhance Your Brand Visibility with Stunning 3D Illuminated Lightbox Signage

3D illuminated lightbox Signage

With our Lightboxes, you can shine a light on your brand

Lightboxes are an extremely flexible branding format that is custom built to your specifications. It consists of digitally printed translucent graphics that are illuminated with opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces. Whether you are looking to apply a branded lightbox indoors or outdoors, Printaman can get the job done!

Not only can we design and manufacture your lightbox or illuminated sign, we offer to install and connect it as well, using fully licensed electricians. When relying on Printaman’s expertise from design to installation, clients can expect a lasting result.

Fabricated Signage

3D illuminated lightbox Sign

Our 3D lettering and custom led signs are the perfect solution for bold & effective business branding for both indoor and outdoor applications.

There are two main types of 3D signage, pin mounted 3D letters (aluminium or perspex) and channel letters or dimensional letter signs (perspex fabricated box letters). You can also have an image, shape or your logo made three dimensional. The 3 main illuminated signage options are:

Lightbox signs – These have a simple design structure with inside illumination.

Front-lit 3D letter signs – All the letters are illuminated from inside, which ensures their different colours really shine through.

Backlit / reverse-lit / halo 3D letter signs – Every letter or element has an illuminated drop-shadow or background.